Once you’ve registered for the sale, it’s time to get started! Follow these steps for the best success:

  1. Login to your Consignor Homepage from the menu bar above.  
  2. Sign up for drop off time in Activities Menu.
  3. Join our Consignors Only Facebook Page to help you as you prep for the sale.
  4. Print out this doc to help you navigate your Consignor Homepage.
  5. Start prepping the items you plan to sell. Make sure they are clean. complete, and NOT subject to a recall. Click HERE to check for recalls.
  6. Gather tagging supplies and wire hangers. Remember to print your tags onto cardstock, not regular printer paper.
  7. Enter product descriptions into the tagging system on your Consignor Homepage.
  8. Print and cut out tags.  
  9. Affix tags to your items.
  10. Mark your hangers with ribbon or tape – unless donating.
  11. Organize items into bins and boxes by station numbers listed on the Drop-Off page.
  12. Hang clothing in size order and by gender.
  13. Sign up to join our team (optional) & mark it on your calendar now! This is how you can earn a higher percentage of your sales!
  14. Come to drop off at your scheduled day and time.
  15. Bring any higher-value items to the check-in desk so we can add some extra security to them.
  16. Shop Presale – bring a friend!
  17. Shop ½ price day – bring a friend!
  18. Pick up your unsold items WEDNESDAY 3-7pm following the sale – mark it on your calendar now!

Good Luck! We’ll see you at the sale!