When preparing your items, please be mindful of the condition that you would want to find that same item in if you were considering purchasing it. The more time you put into making your items look perfect, the more money you will earn.

CLOTHING-  Inspect your clothing in a well-lit room for stains, holes, and functional zippers, buttons, and snaps. We will not accept any items that are stained or non-functioning. Do not bring vintage clothing- only current styles accepted. All clothing must be hung on wire hangers or pant hangers.  Up to 3 wire hangers or 3 items may be bundled and secured together to make 1 tag/item. Make sure you have marked your hangers with a distinguishing tape or ribbon. Hang all clothing with the top of the hanger facing like a question mark.  Only pin clothing to the hanger if you feel they may fall off the hanger with handling.  Onesies and sleepers up to 12 months can be placed in a zip lock bag rather than hung.

SHOES/SNEAKERS- Must be in very good to excellent condition. Worn out shoes will be pulled from the floor so please don’t bring them. Attach the shoes together and do not bring them in the box. Light scuffs clean up nicely with a Magic Eraser.

PLASTIC TOYS & EQUIPMENT- Anything made of hard plastic that can be wiped down should be wiped clean. Use a Q-Tip to get into tiny spaces. This is the time that you should check your items for working batteries (which are needed to sell your items).

  • Outdoor toys should be free of dirt and drained of any water that has seeped inside.
  • Puzzles & games should have all of their pieces and instructions. Do not use tape to secure your board puzzle pieces together. Instead, use ziplock bags for the pieces or cover in Press-n-Seal plastic wrap.
  • High Chairs and Booster Seats should be free of any food residue. Take the pads off to clean underneath and put dirty straps through the wash.


MULTI-PIECE ITEMS- Place any items you are grouping together into a ziplock bag(s) and tape securely together.  Zip-ties are also a good option for securing multiple pieces together.

Large Item Prep

All items listed below will require a Large Item Claim Ticket to be attached. Please print just one copy of each bar coded tag and bring it with you, loose, to drop off.  At the store you will attach it to a Large Item Claim Ticket that we will provide. Please bring zip ties which can be used to attach this claim ticket to your item.

  • Bedroom Furniture including cribs manufactured after June 28, 2011
  • Swings
  • Jumperoos
  • Exersaucers
  • Outdoor play equipment (outdoor play houses, slides, see-saws, wagons)
  • Strollers
  • Pack-n-Plays
  • Gliders/Rocking Chairs
  • Bassinets
  • Bouncy Seats
  • High Chairs
  • Sporting Goods such as basketball hoops & bike trailers
  • Bicycles
  • Large battery operated ride-on toys
  • Cozy Coupes & push cars
  • Play kitchens & large work benches
  • Table & Chair sets
  • Train Tables