How can I consign?

  • Consignor registration is $15, payable through PayPal, and opens for registration on Friday, June 17th @10am. To get started, click HERE.
  • Once registered, you will receive your Consignor # which will give you access to your Consignor homepage.
  • Through your homepage you can do all things sale related (sign up for a drop-off appointment, register for worker shifts, enter your inventory, and check your sold items during the sale).
  • All items you plan to bring to the sale must be entered into our VERY EASY to use computerized tagging system.
  • Once your items are entered into the system, you print your tags onto card stock, affix the tags to your items, and bring them to the store on drop-off day. That’s it! You do not need to be at the sale in order to participate.
  • You may either donate or pick-up any of your unsold items.

When is the latest I can register for the sale?

Consignor Registration will close if we reach our capacity, or at the time of our inventory shut down (see Complete Sale Schedule for all the details).

All inventory that is going to be brought to the sale must be in the system by the inventory shut-down time. You may register as close to this time as you like, as long as you leave yourself enough time to get your items into the system.