This August we are combining all of our Pre-Sales onto one sign-up form. We do ask that you only sign up if you actually qualify for the pre-sale. We ask that you please respect our honor system.

This Pre-Sale will be on Monday, August 16th from 5:30pm-8:00pm. All adults shopping our presale will need a scheduled ticket, which are free. We do ask that if possible, you shop without your children so we can keep our occupancy level as low as possible. 

PLEASE NOTE: While the entry times for pre-sale are set, we are still enforcing state-mandated occupancy levels and if the store is too full at the time of your entry we may need to ask you to wait outside for the safety of all of our shoppers. We look forward to the time when everyone can shop when they want!

Military Pre-Sale: We want to thank you and your family for your service and invite you to shop our presale! If your family is Active, Reserves, or Retired this Presale is for you! 

New Parent/Grandparent Pre-Sale: If your family is expecting or has welcomed a new child into your family within the past year (12 months), this pre-sale is for you (and yes, this includes you Foster Parents!).  Please be sure that you register all adults who are coming with you for a ticket. You may only participate in our New Parent Pre-Sale once per calendar year.

Heroes Pre-Sale: We can’t thank our Heroes enough!! If you’ve been tirelessly working your essential job, this pre-sale is for you!! We’re calling all medical professionals, law enforcement, grocery store workers, hospital employees, and teachers. You know who you are!

Presale registration opens Monday 7/26 @10am