August sale location still pending...

April details are still below

We are thrilled to be in our new location in East Gate Square in Moorestown, NJ. We’ll be in the former Pier One location, between Gabe’s and Shop Rite. We will be occupying 2 stores, right next to each other. 

1100 Nixon Dr. (closer to Shop Rite) is our main store with clothing and all of the thousands of smaller things we sell including toys, books, and shoes. This is where our main checkout will be.

1150 Nixon Dr. (closer to Gabe’s) has everything that has a large claim ticket on it (like in the photo above). If you’d like to buy something, just tear off the red bottom of the tag and take it to checkout. There are too many things at that location to list here so make sure you stop in there! If you don’t see something you’re looking for at the main store, chances are its next door! There will be Venmo-only checkout at that location. If you’d like to use another payment method you can pay for your claim ticket items next door with the rest of your purchase.

We accept Cash, all major credit cards with a valid photo I.D., and Venmo.

We can’t wait to see you at the sale on April 8-10. No ticket needed to shop. 

Friday, April 8th from 10-8

Saturday, April 9th from 10-6

Sunday, April 10th 12:30-5 when all items marked Discount:YES will be 1/2 off!