Drop-Off procedures

When you arrive at Just4Kids, at your pre-selected day and time, you will

  1. Hand in your signed consignor and/or volunteer agreement(s),
  2. Provide us with a loose postage stamp (or $.55),
  3. Confirm your address,
  4. Leave us with a large, empty box or bin labeled with your consignor number (unless you are donating your unsold items),
  5. Receive your pre-sale passes.

Look for “check in here” signs when you arrive to start this process.

Additionally, you will be bringing all of the items you intend to sell during the sale. Your items should be tagged, clean, have working batteries, secure packaging and be ready to put on the selling floor when you arrive. Bring your higher value items to the check-in desk so we can add some security to them (Uggs, North Face, etc.)

It is the consignor’s responsibility to place their items directly onto the selling floor with the following exceptions/instructions:

Hanging Clothing:

Clothing must be inspected by Just4Kids before you can place it on the sales floor. Please bring all your clothing and hanging costumes to the clothing inspection tables. (They must be brought to us in size order!) Make sure that you have marked your hangers with tape or ribbon. Please refer to the Item Prep page for detailed information.

Shoes/ Diaper Bags/ Baby Carriers:

All shoes, diaper bags, and baby carriers will be inspected and placed on the sales floor by Just4Kids. Look for the drop off table near the “hold” area.


There is a book drop off rack located next to the book tables (left side of the store towards the rear). You may place your books there in lieu of placing them in the bins yourself.

Battery Powered Toys and Accessories:

Before placing battery operated toys and accessories on the selling floor, please bring these items to the “battery test” counter at the front of the store to receive “battery tested” stickers.

Large Baby Equipment/Furniture:

Must be assembled, clean (NO sand, food/crumbs, mold, excessive dirt or wear), fully functioning (with working batteries), and not recalled (you must check for recalls before you bring it to the sale). At the battery test table you will receive, fill out, and attach a Large Item Claim Ticket to each large item you are selling. Click here to see the list of items requiring claim tickets.

There will be signs and balloons at each of the drop off areas as well as volunteers/staff who can assist you if you have any questions along the way.


  •  For those of you who get all of the prep work done yourself, but have no time for drop-off, let our team take care of it for you! You bring your tagged and prepped items to the store at drop-off, sign in and get your pre-sale pass, and we’ll do the rest. No waiting for clothing inspection or figuring out where things go, just Drop-n-Go!  Please email Sue@Just4KidsConsignment.com to reserve your space. COST: $25