Common Mistakes

Below you’ll find some common consigning mistakes we’d like to help you avoid and why.

  • Vague description on tag (i.e.”shirt” or “book”) – your item and tag, if separated, will not be reunited – item can’t be sold – item ends up in lost and found
  • Using paper tags – tag rips off the pin or zip tie and gets lost – item can’t be sold – item ends up in lost and found
  • Choosing the wrong category for your item when you enter it in the system – may cause the customer to be taxed improperly (i.e. clothing is nontaxable but if entered as “toy” will ring up taxed) All categories are marked taxable or NT non-taxable. 
  • Partially taping over your printed barcode – tag won’t scan – slows up line – customers are frustrated
  • Blurry Tags – won’t scan – slows line – customers are frustrated
  • Bagging baby clothes over 12 months – no bins for these items – they will be returned to you unsold
  • Not checking baby equipment for recalls – item may be removed from floor – never gets a chance to sell – has to go back home with you at the end of sale
  • Bringing dirty items – customers won’t buy for full price or at all
  • Hangers facing wrong direction – you will have to switch them at drop off
  • Forgetting working batteries – will have to purchase at drop off or bring item back home