Covid-19 Shopper Info

The info on this page overrides any info found on our other shopper page and reflects changes made for everyone’s safety in the current climate.

In an effort to avoid large crowds at the store we will be reducing the number of people that are allowed in at one time. We will be offering limited ticketed shopping at all entry times for those who want to be sure they’ll be able to shop at the time they choose. We will also have a standby line at all entry times for people who have not scheduled a shopping appointment. Whether you have a ticket or not, if the store is still full at the time of your entry we will need to hold the line for the safety of our shoppers and staff.  From our experience with this change in August, we do not anticipate that there will be a long wait if any. Our schedule has changed from our usual Fri.-Sun., as we’ve increased our shopping hours so we can offer a socially distant shopping experience. You can see the complete sale schedule here. Below please read some important info regarding this sale.

  • Face masks covering both your mouth and your nose are required to be worn the entire time you are in the store. For the safety of our customers and our staff, there will be no exceptions made.
  • You will be asked to please sanitize your hands upon entering the store.
  • Please maintain a social distance of 6 feet. This may require you to choose a different path in the store if one area is currently occupied.
  • If possible, we do ask that you please shop without your children. If you are bringing them and are getting tickets, get one for them as well. Babies in carriers do not need a ticket.