All information found on this page overrides any information found on other pages. These are temporary adjustments made for the current situation.

  • Masks must be worn – covering mouth and nose- on the premises.  We will be asking everyone to sanitize their hands upon entry.
  • All shopping, including pre-sale day, will be by appointment. There will be some walk-in spots for shopping available but it is not recommended to rely on that for entry.
  • Due to space constraints, NO maternity clothes at this sale.
  • Parenting/Pregnancy related books are limited to 3 per consignor.
  • NO Party Supplies this sale. 
  • Drop off times will be scheduled and strictly adhered to. There will be 2 days/eves to choose from (20 hours total).
  • Drop off will be modified to make it as quick as possible. There will be 7 Drop Off Stations for all items except hanging clothes.  You will still put your clothing directly on the clothes racks but you will not have to wait for them to be checked.  We will check them at a later time and any items we are unable to sell will be placed in your labeled bin to be picked up at the end of the sale.  (You will have use of our rolling racks to move your clothing to the hanging area)  If you have a lot of items to drop off at any one station, please use boxes or bags that you do not want returned.


  1. All Boys and Girls Footwear including cleats. Dance bags.
  2. Books, arts and crafts, puzzles, games, educational toys/products including bead runners, magnetic dolls, lacing toys, and refrigerator toys. Also school supplies. Reminder NO Party Supplies this sale.
  3. Consignor puts out themselves at back of the store: All outdoor toys, ride-ons, play kitchens and sporting goods excluding cleats which are in #1. 
  4. Consignors put out themselves at front of store between the landings: All safety equipment except for gates. Monitors, room organization including decorative storage baskets, sound machines, all bedding, pillows, curtains, and crib sheets and pads, receiving blankets, bed rails, & Christmas decor.
  5. Girls and boys accessories, backpacks and purses, hats, gloves, scarves, underwear, socks, tights, bagged onesies and sleepers, swaddlers, dancewear not on hangers, room decor, all feeding, bathing and bathroom items including potties, high chairs and Bumbos, diapers, pails and changing table accessories, DVD’s and electronic/TV games, and accessories, kid-sized tables and chairs, gates, costumes.
  6. Diaper bags, baby carriers, nursing supplies, Boppies, jumperoos, car seat accessories, stroller accessories, strollers, Pack-n-Plays, jumpers, infant playmats. Reminder: NO Maternity this sale.
  7. Toys (except what is dropped off at Stations 2 and 3 above.)  Please separate battery and non-battery operated toys. Bouncy seats/rockers, all crib and infant toys, swings/Mamaroos. Anything dropped off without working batteries will not be sold.
  8. Clothing (except costumes): Consignor puts out themselves: Clothes are going right onto the racks for inspection later. Rolling racks will be provided at the front of the store for you to load your clothes onto and take to the clothing area. Please have all of your clothing rubber-banded by size when you arrive so they can easily & quickly be placed on the racks in the proper location and the rolling racks can be returned to the front of the store ASAP so someone else may use them.