What to Bring to the Sale

Each consignor can bring a maximum of 250 items, with individual category limits indicated below.  The minimum number of items needed to consign is 25 OR you must have a minimum inventory value of $200.00.  All the items you bring must be checked for recalls on the CPSC website.  Please pay close attention to recalls of large baby gear, bath seats, slings and toys!

Anything you would like to consign should be clean, completely functional and odor free.  If it requires batteries to work they must be installed.

*Consignors selling 80% or more of their inventory (minimum inventory 100 items) will be able to bring 300 items the following sale!

Items With Limits/Limitations


Children/Teen Clothing/Coats/Dancewear (Newborn thru Juniors sizes)Maximum 100 Hanging Items. Up to 3 items may be on one tag. 3 Wire hangers may be grouped together with one tag and be considered 1 item (still with a limit of 3 clothing pieces per tag, whether it’s on 1 hanger or 3).  Newborn Clothing (0-12 months) may only make up 25 tags of your 100 piece limit.  Newborn Sleepers and Onesies (size NB-12 month ONLY) may be put in zip lock bags as a 2nd choice option if you have reached your hanging limit.  Dancewear may be placed in the dancewear bin if you have reached your hanging limit.

Maternity Clothing Maximum 10 Hanging Items 

CribsManufactured After June 28, 2011

Bumbos – With Safety Repair Kit Installed

Bedding Sets – With Cloth Bumpers Removed-only Mesh bumpers allowed

BottlesNipples Removed unless NEW

Sippy CupsWith Clean/Functional Valves Only

Breast PumpsNEW or Hospital Grade Only -Read more about used pumps and hospital grade pumps here.

Items without Limits


Shoes (Must be clean and in very good condition)

Arts and Crafts

Party Supplies

Locker Accessories and School Supplies




Electronic Toys – Wii, Xbox etc…

Sporting Goods – i.e. Cleats, Team and Individual Sports Equipment

Outdoor Play – i.e.Wagons, Slides, Playhouses, Sand Tables, Tents


Furniture – i.e. Changing Tables, Gliders, Dressers

Baby Equiment – i.e Saucers, Bouncers, Walkers, High Chairs, Swings

Booster Seats/Feeding Seats

Pottys/Diaper pails/Diaper Holders

Diapers/Pull ups/Swim Diapers/Cloth Diapers and Supplies

Bathtubs/Bath Seats/Bath Toys


Step Stools

Safety items/Monitors

Feeding Supplies – i.e. Bibs, Dinnerwear, Placemats, Food Mills

Lunch Bags/Backpacks

Rain Gear/Umbrellas

Boys and Girls Accessories – i.e. Ties, Sunglasses, Hair Accessories


Bedding – i.e. Comforters, sheets, mattress savers, pillow cases

Mesh Bumpers


Room Décor – i.e. Hanging Art, Frames, Banks, Switchplate covers


Just4Kids is a Seasonal Consignment Sale.  Therefore we limit the items you can bring depending on the time of year of the sale.  See below for specifics.

Spring/Summer Sale – March and/or April

Bring: shorts, sundresses, flip flops, sandals, sunhats, beach items, spring and summer weight clothing, light jackets (non-fleece), light-weight long sleeve shirts are okay.

Fall/Winter Sale – August and/or November

Bring: flannel, fleece, thermal, turtlenecks, corduroy, winter coats, snow pants, snow boots, winter hats, gloves or scarves, fall and winter-weight clothing, sleds, snow play.

All Sales

We accept jeans, cotton sweats, swimwear, rain boots, swim shoes, short/long sleeve shirts at each sale. Please bring seasonally themed clothing to the appropriate sale.