Earn $ – Save $ – It’s Easy!

Make $ – For a one time registration fee of $15/sale, you can sell up to 250 items and earn 60% of the price you set (more than most consignment stores.)  

Get $ Fast – Proceeds are calculated and sent within a week after the sale.  Many of our consignors earn hundreds!

Make Friends – Consignors have the chance to “volunteer” at the sale and meet other local moms.  The perfect excuse to leave the kids behind for a little while!  Additionally, consignors can become part of our Consignors Only Facebook page to connect with other moms in the area as well as ask consignment questions.

It’s Easy – Once you have tagged and brought your items to the sale, you’re done!  You do not have to be present to participate.

Shop the Bargains – Consignors shop first – they have exclusive access to our preview sale. This gives you the best selection and opportunity for the greatest savings on everything you need for your baby or kids!  The prices of items at our sale are usually 25-40% of retail.

Declutter – Clear all the extra “stuff” out of your house!  This includes the “big stuff” like furniture, bicycles, and outdoor play equipment as well as clothing, books, and toys.

Help Others – Take advantage of the opportunity to donate to those in need.  You can choose to donate any items that do not sell.  Donation receipts are sent with your payment!  All items go to local NJ charities and kids and parents in need.

Ready to get started?  – Register Here