What to Bring-April

For our April sale, we are including a few of our best selling categories from our adult sale, Just4You, along with everything that’s Just4Kids! (Scroll down for the details)

Item Limits (minimums & maximums):

  • There is a required minimum of 25 items to consign, or a dollar value of $200. Consignors not meeting these minimums in their inventory at the time of the inventory shut down will be un-registered and not permitted to check in (and pick up their pre-sale passes). Your consignor registration fee will not be refunded.
  • There is a limit of 250 items TOTAL that can be put into your inventory (including the added Just4You items). The inventory system will not allow you to add more than that. Consignors selling 80% or more of their inventory (with at least a 100 item inventory) will have their item limit raised to 300 items for the following sale.
  • In that 250, you may bring a total of 100 hanging items of children’s clothing. You should hang everything including pajamas. Your items will sell better on hangers where they can be seen. Included in this 100 hanger limit is a limit of 25 pieces of clothing size newborn through 12 months.
  • You may bring up to 10 pairs of children’s shoes- all of them in excellent condition. Worn, scuffed shoes DO NOT SELL (trust us, we know!).
  • You may bring up to 10 hangers of Maternity Clothing (in addition to your 100 hangers of children’s clothing)


Providing high quality items to our customers is VERY important to us. Please, if it’s too worn to hand down to your best friend for her kids, it’s too worn for our sale. This is very important!! DO NOT BRING STAINED CLOTHES TO THE SALE, THEY WILL BE PULLED FROM INVENTORY, SO PLEASE DON’T WASTE TIME HANGING AND TAGGING STAINED CLOTHES. Clothes that smell like smoke will also not be placed on the sales floor.

Complete and Functioning Toys & Games

Please make sure that toys that require batteries have working batteries so that buyers know the toy functions properly. Make sure all games and puzzles have all essential parts. Just as you would not want your child disappointed by an incomplete game or puzzle, our customers would not either, so please take the time to check. ***If your items are found to be incomplete or non-functioning, you will be blocked from participating in future sales!*** Please take pride in your items, and only sell those that are working and complete!!!


Just4You items accepted at this sale

  • Purses–  Must be authentic. No knock-offs! We will not be accepting wallets or any other type of bag. Purses only. Please make sure they are very clean.
  • Small Kitchen Appliances– New or very gently used only. Must be VERY clean and completely functional. Coffee makers, blenders, crock pots, mixers, toaster ovens, waffle makers, juicers, food processors, etc.
  • Kitchenware:  Bakeware, kitchen storage, pyrex/ceramic baking pieces, kitchen gadgets/small tools, everyday serving pieces. No chips or cracks. We will NOT be accepting: kitchen decor, plate sets, glasses, cut crystal (fancy serving pieces), kitchen linens.
  • Area Rugs– in good condition and stain free – no remnants please – bound only up to 8’ x 10’
  • Furniture – no stains/rips/smoke smell.  **Current styles only**No Mattresses or Bed Frames. Please contact us ahead of time if you’re unsure of whether we’ll accept your furniture.


Spring/summer kids items: Kids swimsuits, sandals, shorts, tanks, sun hats, jeans, light weight sweats (no fleece), light weight jackets, summer themed tops & bottoms.

New, like new, and gently used clothing in sizes preemie to girls 16 and boys 20. Girls junior sizes up to size 15 also accepted. Sporting uniforms, and dance clothes will be accepted at all sales.  People love outfits & PJs, so don’t forget to check the drawers for them. This is a spring/summer sale

Bagged Clothing:

Bagging clothing is a last resort if you’ve reached your hanging limit, and we only have space for very specific types of clothing items in bags. You may bag onesies and infant sleepers (up to 12 months) if you’ve reached your hanging limits. We do not make basket space for other types of clothing in bags other than onesies and sleepers size NB-12 months. Just bring your best pieces. Undergarments of all sizes can be bagged (socks, undershirts, tights, etc.).

Maternity Clothes:

Current styles only, and only season appropriate. We will have a separate rack for maternity clothes. No worn nursing bras. There is a limit of 10 pieces of maternity clothes. This is in addition to the 100 pieces of hanging children’s clothes.

A Note about Tagging Guns:

We understand that tagging guns make prepping for the sale quicker, but PLEASE be mindful of where you place the barb. A barb put in the wrong place can ensure that your clothes won’t sell! Use the tag that is on the clothing or a seam under the arm to place your barb. You do not want to damage your clothing and make it unsellable.


All shoes must be children’s styles, in NEW to LIKE NEW condition.  We understand that by approx. age 11 kids are wearing adult sizes, but we will not accept adult styles. They must be kid-appropriate styles in the larger sizes. Shoes should be secured together with a zip tie or twist-tie, with the tag either hanging from it or securely taped to the sole. If the shoes cannot be secured together with a tie, then they should be placed in a ziplock. See the “Item Prep” page for details about tagging shoes.


We are committed to selling safe toys. Please check the CPSC website to check your items for recalls. The site is very easy to navigate and gives you many different ways to search for your item. You, as the seller, are responsible for not selling any recalled items.

We accept games and puzzles (all complete, of course!), trains and train tables, bikes, outdoor play equipment, ride-ons, video game systems as well as cartridges. No games of a violent nature will be accepted. No toy guns will be accepted. No stuffed animals, except those that take batteries and have a function, or those that are still new with the tags on.

Books & movies:

Children’s books printed after 1985 will be accepted as well as pregnancy and parenting books. Often books of a similar theme, grouped together, will be more likely to sell. DVD movies must match the sleeve they are in. No R rated movies. We no longer accept music CD’s. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR DVD’S STILL WORK AND DO NOT SKIP!!


Bassinets, changing tables, rocking chairs, gliders, nursery furniture, bouncers, saucers, swings, walkers, Boppies, Bumbos (with installed repair kits), play mats, high chairs, booster seats, slings, pack-n-plays, etc. We will accept cribs with a manufacture date AFTER June 28,2011. All cribs made before that date do not meet current safety standards. If we haven’t listed it, and you are unsure if it’s accepted, please just drop us an email. Again, please check the CPSC website for possible recalls of your items.


We accept bedding from crib size through Full. Make sure they are stain free. We do accept crib bedding sets, but can no longer take any crib bumpers other than the mesh breathable kind. If your bedding set includes a non-breathable bumper please pull it out of the set before you bring it to the store or your complete set will be pulled from the sales floor. We also accept all kids room decor.

Feeding supplies & Bathroom accessories:

We accept kids dinnerware, bottle drying racks, dishwasher baskets, sippy cups in LIKE NEW condition, and baby bottles without nipples (unless they’re NEW in the package). We also take potty seats, toilet topper seats, baby bath tubs, and bath seats. Please make sure your bath seats have been checked for safety recalls.

Some important notes:

  • Please include the manual whenever possible. You can put it in a ziplock bag and tape it to your item. These are always appreciated.
  • Please bring any tools needed to assemble any equipment you will be selling. All baby equipment must be assembled at the sale.  This is your responsibility.
  • Bibs or other small items may be grouped together (similar items in a group) and put in a ziplock bag with the tag taped to the outside of the bag.  Tape the bag shut.
  • Put tights with the tag pinned on, into a ziplock bag.

Items we cannot accept for consignment:

  • Cribs manufactured before June 28, 2011. If you have a newer model crib, with a later manufacture date, that is not subject to a recall we will be able to sell it for you.
  • Sleep positioners.
  • Magnetic play sets that have small pieces (i.e. the ball & rod type)
  • Breast pumps other than hospital grade pumps, or accessories unless they are new in the package and unused. Use this link to read about re-using pumps and about hospital grade pumps.
  • Worn underwear. We can only take those new and still in the package.
  • Children’s costume jewelery.
  • Used pacifiers, bottle nipples, or teethers.
  • Car seats
  • VHS tapes
  • Crib bumpers other than the breathable type
  • Nap Nannies
  • Mattresses
  • Music CDs
  • Suction cup bath seats
  • Baby Food, Rice Cereal, liquid and powdered formula
  • Stuffed animals unless they are New with Tags or are battery operated and have a function (like Tickle Me Elmo)

Most importantly, please carefully look over all of your items and make sure they are still of good quality.  We will be pulling anything we find with stains off of the sales floor, so don’t spend time tagging stained clothes or baby gear that will never get sold. Instead, please spend the time to clean your items.