We LOVE our volunteers, and deeply appreciate all of the time they give us. We couldn’t possibly run a successful event without them! As thanks for their time and hard work, we’ve re-adjusted our pay schedule to not only give them the opportunity to earn more money, but to give everyone the chance to get a pay-bump for working just one shift. Our hope is that this change will help us fill the gaps in our schedule that we still need to have filled.

Our volunteers are the very first group to shop, giving them exclusive access to all of the great deals! Volunteers receive early shopping passes for our  Pre-Sale (they’re the very first group to  shop), as well as a pass to shop early on 1/2 price Sunday morning.  In addition, all 4 hour+ volunteers earn more for their consigned items.

  • 4 hour volunteers earn an extra 5%, for a total of 65% of their sales
  • 8 hour volunteers earn an extra 10%, for a total of 70% of their sales
  • 12 hour volunteers earn an extra 15%, for a total of 75% of their sales
  • 16 hour volunteers (our volunteer Super-Stars), earn an extra 20%, for a total of 80% of their sales. These high level earners MUST work the Sunday night post-sale “5:45 sort” shift until it’s completion. These spots are limited, and there will not be other shifts offered as a substitution for this shift. Please make sure to keep checking back if you would like to work this shift and it’s full at that time. People’s schedules do change and shifts get dropped, so openings do pop up as sale time approaches.


As we depend greatly on our volunteers to run our sale efficiently, we do ask that you read and understand our policies regarding volunteering.

  • Only registered consignors are eligible to sign up for volunteer shifts.
  • You may have a friend or relative cover your volunteer shift, but we would appreciate advance notice if we are to expect someone else.
  • If you need to un-register for a shift you signed up for, we ask that you do it no later than the Friday before the sale (one week before opening day) so we may try to fill that space.
  • Children are not permitted to accompany you on your work shift.  Certain exceptions may be made for nursing babies, please contact us to see which shifts are available with flexible duties.
  • Please arrive a few minutes early for your shift so we may brief you in your duties.  Also, if possible, please eat before you come.
  • If you schedule yourself to work two back to back shifts that overlap by 1/2 hour, please plan on staying 1/2 hour later or coming 1/2 hour early to make up the time.
  • To ensure that all of our shifts are covered, we will deduct 5% from your consignor check for each shift you do not fill if you no-show and do not cover your shift.  You will also be blocked from signing up for volunteer shifts in future sales.  We hate to be harsh, but we do greatly count on our volunteers. Simply put, don’t commit if you can’t fulfill your obligation.  Thank you for your understanding!!

To volunteer, please register through your consignor homepage.

Volunteer registration