Pricing Suggestions

While the prices you set for your items are completely at your discretion, here are a few tips to help get all of your items sold. You can also check this Pricing Guideline, provided by

  • Price to sell! We recommend 25-30% of retail on most items.  Boutique and designer names may be priced higher, as well as items still with tags. Remember, getting a few dollars for a shirt is still better than getting nothing for it, especially when you’ve got a lot of them! 
  • Let your items go 1/2 price on Sunday.  It’s better to take home 1/2 price than to have to take back items to the closets you just cleaned out!! The goal, of course, is to sell your items on full price days, so again… price to sell!! Please note that our system will automatically mark for “discount” any items that you have marked for “donation” (So if you’re willing to donate it if it doesn’t sell, we’re going to try to at least sell it for 1/2 price on Sunday!).