April Sale Information

New Consignors:

Welcome to Just4Kids! You can continue your registration here.

Returning Consignors:

Our April sale is run on a second Sale Manager account (not our primary one).  If  you try to register as a returning consignor and the system does not recognize you please email me at Sue@Just4KidsConsignment.com with your consignor number. We’ll get you registered and send you a PayPal invoice for your registration fee. Once paid your homepage will be unlocked. Please DO NOT start on your inventory until all of your unsold items appear in your Active inventory on the April account. Once that happens you can move whatever you’re not bringing to this sale to your Inactive inventory. This must all be done in order for us to successfully move your unsold items from this sale back onto our main account after the sale.

If you are able to register as a returning consignor through the system you still need to wait to start your inventory until all of your Inactive inventory from past sales is moved into this account.

If you are participating in the March sale please contact me BEFORE you begin any inventory on the April sale. You cannot have inventory on both accounts at the same time and I will explain to you how you can get started on inventory before the March sale is over.

Sorry for any inconvenience! It’s beyond our control.

Returning Consignor Registration