For busy families with too much stuff!!


If your house is full of quality kids’ items that you no longer use, and you’ve got no time for sale prep, let us do it for you!

How does it work?

  • Register for the sale as a New or Returning Consignor using the links on the Just4Kids homepage.

  • Contact 2Busy2Tag at Tagging@Just4KidsConsignment.com,  to reserve your spot with our tagging service.
  • Collect your season appropriate clothing, toys, books, baby gear etc. that you’d like to include in the sale. Be sure to read the What to Bring page to learn about our item limits, as well as what we do and do not accept into the sale.
  • Pack your items into labeled boxes, bins or bags so we can meet with you and collect them. We appreciate wire hangers. Please include if available.
  • Please group items together if you would like them to be sold together.
  • 2Busy2Tag will enter all of your items into the tagging system and prep you items for sale (including hanging them).
  • View your inventory online and have 24 hours to approve the pricing before your tags are printed.
  • Shop our exclusive Consignor pre-sale.
  • Track your earnings each night of the sale through your homepage.
  • Pick up any unsold items on the Monday following the sale. These will all be sorted for you for a quick pick-up (or you may choose to have them marked for donation if they don’t sell- no pickup required)
  • Collect your check for 60% of the selling price of your items (the same amount that all consignors earn).


  • Basic Service:

We’ll enter all of your inventory into the system, get it hung, bagged, secured, etc. and drop it off at the sale on drop-off day.  COST:  .75/per item tagged.

***A $25 deposit is required at the time that 2B2T receives your items to be tagged.***

Contact Deb at Tagging@Just4KidsConsignment.com with questions or to get started. Space is limited!