Drop-off is scheduled for the Sunday and Monday before the sale. Make sure to schedule a drop-off time through your consignor homepage. This is the time that we ask you to come to the store with your items. When you arrive:

  • Come inside with your signed consignor-agreement (yes, we want a hard copy even though you agreed online), and check-in at the computer (we’ll also take your .47 cent stamp at this time. No need to bring an envelope) . Here you will get your Pre-Sale passes for Wednesday, and if you’re a Volunteer you’ll also get a Sunday morning pass.
  • Bring in your hanging clothing and place them at one of the inspection stations so they can be inspected. They MUST be sorted by size BEFORE they will be inspected. Make sure you’ve read about item limits on the “What to Bring
  • While your clothing is being inspected you can bring in your remaining items and place them around the sales floor in the appropriate place. There are signs throughout the store which will tell you where things go, and there are always volunteers to help you along the way.
  • Next, please stop back with the volunteer inspecting your clothing to check if there was anything that we cannot accept. PLEASE don’t be offended by this, it happens to all of us. No one’s laundry room is as well lit as the store, and stains do get missed at home. You can pick up any unaccepted items to take home, and then place all of your remaining clothes onto the racks on the sales floor in their appropriate size.
  • If you are picking up anything unsold, make sure to leave us a large plastic tub with your consignor number written very large on the short side, as well as on a loose piece of paper dropped inside the bin.
  • Now go home, make your list of things you hope to find at Pre-Sale, and call all of your friends and tell them to come shop this weekend! Don’t forget, you can bring one friend with you on Pre-Sale night.


  •  For those of you who get all of the prep work done yourself, but have no time for drop-off, let our team take care of it for you! You bring your tagged and prepped items to the store at drop-off, sign in and get your pre-sale pass, and we’ll do the rest. No waiting for clothing inspection or figuring out where things go, just Drop-n-Go!  Please email Sue@Just4KidsConsignment.com to reserve your space.   COST: $20



Because we know your time is precious, we will be sorting all unsold items back into your bin for pick-up on Monday from 3-7, so it will only take a few minutes.  On Monday make sure to:

  • Sign out your bin.
  • Double check your box to make sure that everything in there is yours.
  • You can pick up hangers for the next sale at this time. You will not be getting back the exact hangers you brought, but as a courtesy to our consignors we do remove as many hangers as possible during the sale so you can get some back. They are available on a first come, first serve basis. We cannot promise we will have any at all during pick-up, only that we’ll try.
  • Make sure to check the Lost & Found before you leave. This is where you’ll find any items whose missing tags could not be found.

And that’s it! We thank you so very much for consigning with Just4Kids! We hope it’s been a great experience for you.